How to Use Bee Propolis to Improve Your Health

Propolis is the resinous substance collected by bees from tree buds, bark or other natural sources. Conifer and poplar trees are particularly common sources. Along with beeswax, the insects use propolis to construct their hivs. Propolis is known to have antibiotic activities that protects the hive from viruses and bacteria.

1. Treat minor burns with bee propolis. Studies conducted at the University of Texas School of Medicine revealed that is is more effective than treatment with silver sulfadiazene. Burns treated with bee propolis showed less inflammation and a reduced healing time. For this type of treatment a 5 percent propolis ointment is recommended.

2. Take a dose of 250 mg capsule by mouth 3 times each day for 3 days to treat urinary infections, as bee propolis has anti-bacterial properties.

3. Swish your mouth out once or twice daily for about 60 seconds with 10 milliliters of 0.2% to 10% propolis ethanol extract mouthwash. This will reduce dental plaque.

4. Examine the content of bee propolis carefully as the composition of propolis products can vary widely. Typically it is comprised of 60 percent resins, 20 percent beeswax, 10 percent essential oils, 5 percent pollen and 5 percent organic or mineral substances. Propolis is available as a liquid extract as well as capsule and tablet forms. Select a supplement that does not contain fillers such as sugar, starch, gluten or any artificial flavors or colorings.

5. Obtain your bee propolis supplement from a reliable health source. The recommended dosage is 500 mg once or twice each day. Propolis is suitable for children at half the adult recommended dosage.

6. Learn about side effects and warnings. The most common side effects when using bee propolis are allergic reactions which can range from mild upset stomach to athsma, anaphylaxis and even death for people who are extremely allergic to bee products. If you are allergic to bee pollen, honey or poplar or conifer trees you are at risk of a severe allergic reaction and should not use bee propolis. The effects of propolis during pregnancy and nursing is not yet known so it should be avoided during these times.

Melia Propolis

Q.S. AN NAHL : Ayat. 68 & 69
……..Keluarlah dari perutnya syaraabun (cairan) beraneka warna, dan padanya syifa (penyembuhan) bagi manusia. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu menjadi tanda bagi kaum yang memikirkan.

Kandungan Propolis:
1. Bioflavonoids: Memulihkan system kapilari serta memperbaiki kerapuhan dan kebocoran saluran darah (1 tetes propolis kandungannya setara dengan 500 buah jeruk)
2. Protein ( 16 Asam amino Esensial)
3. Vitamin dan mineral

Fungsi Propolis bagi manusia
1. Detoksifikasi (Membuang racun dan Kuman Penyakit dari dalam tubuh)
2. Antibiotika Alami (antimicrobial seperti virus, bakteri dan jamur)
3. Anti Radang
4. Anti Alergi
5. Meningkatkan Imunitas / Kekebalan Tubuh
6. Anti Oksidan (mencegah kanker dan membunuh sel kanker)
7. Nutrisi (memperbaiki dan regenerasi sel tubuh)

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